Say hello to the M-550 Pro, the latest in the M-550 Series Paracord Survival Grenades designed and manufactured exclusively by Surf City Paracord. This is the original ultimate survival grenade, as seen on Maxim, Internet vs. Wallet, the Awesomer, and HiConsumption. Imitators try, but only the Paracord Survival Grenade has the look and feel of a hand grenade.

Packed with survival essentials, the M-500 Pro will help you start fires, signal for help, purify water, and build shelter to make it through a gamut of challenges. A must-have for the outdoors or travel, the M-550Pro is the most stylish survival kit on the market. Waterproof, buoyant, and light, the M-550Pro Paracord Survival Grenade will be there when you need it.

Take note, this is a one time deployable kit that is intended to retain essential survival tools until your life depends on it. Once the kit is deployed, the grenade shape can not be re-assembled.

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